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Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement

Sidewalks were recently completed at the Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement.

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Each One Teach One

Teaching these young people to share the Gospel Doll with family and friends. Thank you Judson Helping Hands for the dolls.

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Life and Health to the Pantanal

Dr. Carl King, GEM CEO, sees patients

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New appliances!

New appliances for the kitchen


Important GEM Articles

These days, in September and October 2018, the Mission Center has become the hub of activity for English classes. Of course we are always asked if we will give English classes. And, it happens to be one of Wanda's passions.

Editor's note: Vinny joined our group after hearing about GEM and our partnership with medical students. He traveled from another state in Brazil to be a part. GEM invites students from local universities to serve as translators or to work in their individual fields such as medicine, dentistry, psychology, education, etc. Some of these students are Christian and others times they become seekers as a result of their experience with a mission group. Here is his testimony...

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Thank you for coming to our website to get information on the ministry of Global Encouragers Ministries. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of what the Lord is doing through GEM. Whether you want to just keep up with the latest news about GEM or want to partner with us to accomplish the vision placed before us, we need for you to be a part of GEM! To receive our newsletter, get on our mailing list, join us in a ministry trip, the first step is to register with GEM. Registering provides us with your basic contact information and let's us know how we can best serve you.

GEM mission trips are organized in several ways. A team leader may pull all of the members from a local church. Members may come from several states and be organized by GEM. A trip may be organized around a specific purpose like construction or dentistry.

No two trips are just alike. Team leaders and the needs on the field help determine just what takes place. Here is a general idea of what happens on a trip that leaves the USA on a Friday.

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