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Our 2020 Vision

Fresh vision for 2020

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Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement

Sidewalks were recently completed at the Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement.

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Each One Teach One

Teaching these young people to share the Gospel Doll with family and friends. Thank you Judson Helping Hands for the dolls.

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Life and Health to the Pantanal

Dr. Carl King, GEM CEO, sees patients


Important GEM Articles

An ever-present help.....that is what our Lord is for each of us. And on the Farm of Encouragement, an ever-present presence is vital. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we need someone on the Farm at all times. Therefore, our next project had to be a house!!

Maybe you have thought of going on a mission trip. Bet you have questions.......


Questions often asked--

Unfortunately, as you might have guessed, we had to cancel our trips for 2020. Quarantine conditions affected locals, airplane travel, as well as the boat's access to the river.

In 2000, Bro. Carl and Sister Wanda moved to Corumba. They offered a Masterlife class in their apartment. A friend encouraged me to do the class because I had a desire to reach my neighbors for Christ.

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