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New Bath House

The new public bath house is almost complete.

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Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement

Sidewalks were recently completed at the Mission Volunteer Center on the Farm of Encouragement.

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Each One Teach One

Teaching these young people to share the Gospel Doll with family and friends. Thank you Judson Helping Hands for the dolls.

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Life and Health to the Pantanal

Dr. Carl King, GEM CEO, sees patients


Important GEM Articles

An ever-present help.....that is what our Lord is for each of us. And on the Farm of Encouragement, an ever-present presence is vital. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we need someone on the Farm at all times. Therefore, our next project had to be a house!!

Over the Easter weekend, Brother Fernando Taveres brought his Endurance Pantanal event to the Farm of Encouragement. Fernando encourages active lifestyles and just good clean fun and friendship b promoting extreme sports around the Corumba and Ladario area.

Maybe you have thought of going on a mission trip. Bet you have questions.......


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January 2019  Update

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