Portuguese Intensive

portugese intensive

This class is designed to help you pronounce the Portuguese language. Attention is given to the phonetics of the language so that you can more correctly read phrases and words from dictionaries, tracts, or guidebooks. Mission groups will learn phrases and vocabulary helpful to their particular mission. As the name suggests, it is challenging work and participants should come prepared to concentrate, practice, take notes, and laugh at themselves! Course length can be adjusted as needed.


Sample schedules

  1. Friday evening (6:30-9:00) and Saturday morning (8-12)  [3 weekends over an 8-week period]
  2. Saturday (8-5:30) with an hour and half break for lunch  [2 Saturdays over a 4-week period]
  3. One evening per week 6:30-9:00 for 8 consecutive weeks.

Contact:  Wanda King  (Nashville, TN)   615-775-4819 or email Global Encouragers Ministries


Compensation: Travel plus a love offering

Wanda King has worked in Brazil and with Brazilians for over 18 years. While with the International Mission Board, she served as a Portuguese proficiency evaluator for other missionaries.

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