JUNE 2014

Thank you for your prayers for the 2014 mission season. Due to the World Cup in Brazil and the high airline prices, we have had fewer teams during the summer months. Dates are available during the fall. Call for details.

The Mission Volunteer and Ministry Center...mission volunteer and ministry center

With the help of two construction teams and some welcomed donations, the center now is under a roof and has windows and doors. Estimates for beds and kitchen outfitting have been taken as well.


Exciting Changes – So far in 2014 GEM leader, Carl King, has spent about 40 days on the field on the FARM OF ENCOURAGEMENT. GEM is raising support for the Kings because God has led Carl to reduce his work as a medical provider so that he can spend extended periods of time on the field in Brazil. See below.


A Few Good Men... This spring we have seen the difference that a few can make. In March, GEM board members Larry and June Overstreet and GEM president Carl King spent 15 days in Corumba praying and planning. The Overstreets’ dedication to the Lord’s vision for GEM has been overwhelming. We thank them for their efforts as well as those of the other board members, Buster Hale and Gary Greene.


laying tile in the ministry centerIn late March Carl was joined by one man from Carrollton, Georgia, Rob Robinson. Rob came to work, and he and Carl put in long days working with wiring and construction needs at the Farm of Encouragement. Some serious problems were solved.


In May three men from Judson Baptist (TN) and one from Marks Baptist (MS) arrived in Corumba with Carl King. Once again, longs days stretched into the evening hours as tile work was done and windows and doors installed. A Brazilian master construction worker, Raul, has been guiding the work and has continued the tile work. It is so amazing to see the difference that just a few can make. So if you think your team is too small, think again!!



A New Direction... In February, GEM headquarters in Nashville were please to receive Pastor Carlo Alberto, river missionary from Corumba. He promoted the ministry at Judson Baptist, Marks First Baptist, and Hebron Baptist churches. As time and conversation passed, the Lord revealed a new direction for the Farm of Encouragement. We realized the need for a Christian retreat center in the Pantanal region. While it is obvious the youth/children ministries that can be done in that setting, an urgent need for a ministry to pastors and their wives/families emerged. Ministerial families certainly seem to be under attack these days and Brazil is no different. As a result, a 4-apartment complex has been included in the construction plan and research is being done on what recreational facilities are needed to turn the farm into a retreat center that would also provide means for the upkeep of the property.


A SPECIAL THANKS…to our Kroger Card participants who take that little extra time to use your GEM Kroger card. If you have a Kroger near you then we can receive 4% of what you spend there. We have had several great months. 


We need you in 2014  ---- Help us reach 100 people to give $100 per month to give us a sure foundation so the Kings can spend more time on the field. Please pray and ask what God wants you to do.












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