Construction Projects

A GEM construction project priority is to finish the the Farm of Encouragement Mission Volunteer and Ministry Center. As you can see, we are well into the project and completion is right around the corner with your help! Take a look at our needs for this project and pray about an area the Lord would have you bless and be blessed.

Immediate Need and Estimated Costs to Complete Mission Center
Item Cost Status
Doors & windows $8,900 Done
Roof & upper structure $25,000 Done
Tiles for floors & walls $5,000 Done
Electrical wiring supplies $4,000 Open
Plumbing materials & supplies $7,500 Open
Painting materials & supplies $5,000 Open
Porches materials & supplies $7,500 Open
House furniture & furnishings $15,000 Open
Kitchen appliances & cabinets $10,000 Open
Commercial laundry equipment $5,000 Open
Dining Room/Office furniture $10,000 Open
Office equipment $7,500 Open
Porch furnishings & screening $3,000 Open
Labor & Misc (not volunteer) $10,000 Open
Total Project Needs $84,500  


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